8 Powerful Ways on Building Brand Reputation

8 Powerful Ways on Building Brand Reputation
8 Powerful Ways on Building Brand Reputation

Dealing with brand reputation is vital nowadays. It is one of the most important assets of the brand nowadays. Working on having a good reputation is the best move right now.

If you have positive reviews about your brand, you will be at advantage. Your target audience will be attracted by your business. Even you are not advertising your products or service, you will have a big spike in terms of referrals if you have a good reputation from your previous customers.

Having a good reputation can be equated to having great words of mouth by your customers. Aside from that customer loyalty is within the line.

What is brand building?

Before starting on how to build a great brand reputation, maybe you are asking what is brand building?

Brand building is all about generating awareness about your brand or business. This is all about delivering a good reputation for your brand. This can include online marketing strategies amplification of your brand to using the following:

  • Optimizing your user experience within your website
  • Working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC)

Powerful Ways to Build a Great Reputation

There are lots of companies that spend many dollars in order just to build their reputation. They are spending on reputation management, just to fix or maintain its reputation online.

Yet, based on the experience we can see that even those established brands can not buy reputation. You need to work on it and be patience to earn it.

In the online world, it takes time to build it but not a lot of money. You need to have constant strategies in order to maximize your reputation. You can work on publishing high-quality content that focuses on the uniqueness of your brand. Even a small brand or a startup can work on it and compete with an established brand.

And here’s how you can build a great reputation:

Be Unique and Be Yourself

One thing that can make you stand out from the other brands even your a startup is an idea of being unique. In business, we all know that we are at an advantage if we have identified our Unique Selling Proposition. It answers the question, how we are different from competing brands?

Whether it’s online or offline, starting on becoming unique and being at yourself is so powerful. It will just shine and develop the character of your brand. Just make sure that this character is always at the good side so that you are at an advantage.

You truly need to have a brand that sets you out from your competitors. On this note, if you are having a great reputation, no need or hard selling, your brand can do the talking.

When you achieve this reputation, you can gain loyalty, credibility and trust of your customers and prospect ones.

So start defining your brand now, establish who you are right now. Don’t copy others, be always at yourself and stand-out from the crowd.

Remember also that this will start with hiring the best people and they must reflect your uniqueness. You must have your own culture. And they need to be the agents that spread your uniqueness and brand greatness.

Reflect the Positiveness of your Brand within Your Social Networks

If you have already identified your uniqueness, it’s time elicit a positive identity within your social circles. We all know right now that social media is so powerful. It can reach a wider audience if used accordingly.

You need to elicit a positive reflection of your brand especially if you are working with connecting with your target audience. Make sure also that each of your posts reflects your uniqueness and the positiveness of your brand.

Is it hard to maintain a reputation in social networks? Definitely no, you just need to be yourself and deliver high-quality standards.

If you can maintain a good reputation, whether it’s online or offline, you are definitely at your advantage.

The following are the ways to reflect positiveness:

  • Be optimistic within your network. Always be happy in sharing about your brand. Share positive posts
  • Engage with influencers. If you have a great brand and you wanted to share this positive side on others, you need to tap these influencers to reach a wider audience. Just make sure that you will truly deliver what they will share on their followers or fans. Always remember that in working with social media, you are not there to make sales pitch. You need to create connections
  • Create compelling content. Working with your content strategy over social media needs to follow a set of objectives. It must also highlight your brand greatness. Just be yourself and share the best about your brand.

Set standards in addressing conflicts or Negative Reviews Online

You may be not in a good mood if you have seen negative reviews or comments about your brand online. Or you maybe you are frustrated especially if you can see these reviews present in the front of search results?

That scenario can truly be embarrassing. Yet having those comments or reviews is an opportunity. If you are at fault, remember that just be yourself and accept that we are not perfect. We do make mistakes. In addressing those negative reviews remember to establish your own set of rules and consider the following:

Always be professional when handling conflicts or negative reviews. Just be calm, you are going to be defeated if you are angry. You need to control your temper when you are answering these reviews, comments or resolving conflicts.

As soon as you received these negative feedbacks, you need to be prompt in responding. You must always address their concerns quickly. This is one way also of hearing your side. By connecting with them, you are making them feel that they are not taken for granted.

Set your response in public and provide a remedy as soon as possible. If you have seen that you have negative feedback within your timeline, don’t worry, just be yourself, be professional and address it publicly, don’t hide your response. This is one way of making your prospect’s market see the two sides and not just one-sided. As said before, always make them feel that you are always aware and can able to address their concerns as soon as possible.

Regular Monitoring of Your Brand

One secret of building a good reputation is being aware of how they see and talk about your brand. And this is why you need to regularly monitor your brand to achieve this.

There are sites that existed just for products or service complains. Reviews or rating sections existed everywhere. You can always see this on social networks and in the local search. Definitely, the online world just wanted to prove the credibility of the brand. They wanted to see the authenticity of the brand.

You can be aware if you have negative reviews if, you are able to monitor it regularly. There are tools that can help you in working this out.

Remember that there might a one-sided scenario if you are going to ignore this. There is an event that, their feedbacks might be based on false accusation or maybe just a misunderstanding. By becoming aware of this, you can able to address and correct it with the right information. As said above just be professional and address these reviews promptly.

Therefore monitor your brand regularly and conduct social listening. Discover what they are talking about your brand.

Always start with a Great Customer Experience

Make your customers always at your priority and you will see that you are at an advantage. Let them recognize that they are your royalties.

Always deliver the best experience for your customers, after all, if they have experience greatness they will spread this to others whether it’s online or offline.

In the online world, make sure that your customers are your priority in all points of your contact from your social networks up to your website. Have a website that is informative and easy to navigate. For your social networks, respond to their concerns promptly.

Creating a good customer experience let your customer recognized that they are your top priorities and you will not be left them after you make a sale.

With great customer experience, you are at an advantage and one important thing you will experience the advantage of positive word of mouth. Your customers can become your brand advocates.

Create a Short Brand Survey and Make Improvements

Hearing your customers feedbacks lets you discover the other side of your brand. It’s always a good thing to hear your customers feedback about your brand. Take time to create a short survey. This also the best way to see your blind spot.

Seeing your blind spots is an opportunity. You can see what you need to improve when it comes to your products or services. Do they receive your expected deliveries? Do they experience the greatness of your brand? Do they recognize your uniqueness? Do they have sentiments about your brand?

They might have a lot of questions about your brand and you haven’t heard about it. Or they might have a negative experience with your brand. At this scenario, you need to reach out and hear their words about your brand. Let them recognize that you are at their side and want to set improvements.

Collecting their feedback is the best way to uncover your opportunities. Sometimes their feedback becomes a bright idea on creating a new strategy for your brand. After all your customer why your business existed. So, let them feel that they are always your priority.

Those negative feedbacks also can strengthen the core of your products or services. Address it promptly and make your customers happy. Since happy customers mean more business.

Deliver what You Have Promise

In business, in order to attract more customers, you have set some promises, i.e. your products or services can answer their needs. But, what if you failed to deliver this promise? You are truly in the hot waters if this will happen. Negative feedbacks will arise.

Building an awesome brand reputation is a must but this will always start with us. You need to deliver what you have promised. If you can deliver this you can’t fail their expectations. You will be at an advantage.

If you wanted your brand to become great, always start delivering your promises. Never forget about it. In order that you will not forget what you have promised to make sure that you have a list on it and make sure to deliver it.

Don’t let your customers down, make sure that you can address their concerns and their expectations. Although we can hear that “promises are made to be broken”, just always remember to be professional, deliver what you have stated, in this way you are creating your own brand culture.

Be Transparent

When it comes to digital branding right now, we can see that those who became success are those who are transparent. They don’t have a hidden agenda when it comes to business.

This is just like saying to be yourself. Customers right now are savvy and can detect those sincere brands. They can smell who is truthful in business dealings.

How to achieve brand transparency? You must deliver sincere storytelling about your brand. After all, seeing your transparency can attract more customers because right now they wanted to see truthful brands.

Now, you are familiar with creating a powerful brand, but you need to follow the process of building a brand reputation.

The Brand Building Process

Knowing about the ways on how you can build your brand reputation is not enough, you need to undergo the process. And below is the brand building process that helps you attain a solid reputation

Define your target audience.

For the proper execution of your brand building strategies make sure that you have defined your specific target audience. Remember this is like in marketing, you need to follow STP or stands for segmenting, targeting and position.

Not all audience is your target market. In order that your campaign will work out, you need to deliver it to the right audience. To easily know your target audience always define it by using the customer persona.

Target market is always an important start of the process. You are on the right track if you know your audience.

And always remember, the key here is becoming specific. You need to define its age, gender, location, income level, level of education, hobbies or interest and a lot more. You need to create a solid picture of your buyer. You are at an advantage if you narrow down your audience, your time and money will not be wasted.

Create a Brand Mission Statement

By building a brand mission statement, let’s you define your customers’ expectations about you. It also defines your existence and your passion. By doing this you are able to tell also your uniqueness.

Some of the great examples are:

  • Apple – “Think Different”
  • Nike – “Just Do It”
  • BMW – “Designed for Driving Pleasure.”

For example with Apple, they are identified distinct over their competitors because of their tagline. It’s brand mission is to think differently that is why over the years they have created a great reputation. They are recognized for having a unique brand that delivers breakthrough within their industry.

Research for Other Brands Within Your Niche

Recognizing other brands, let’s you uncover, how you can position your own brand. Becoming familiar with their uniqueness, let’s you think how can you be different from them.

This is also the best way of making your brand stand out. Doing a benchmark is necessary for this step.

Outline the Key Qualities of Your Brand

In order that you can deliver your promises, you need to outline your key qualities or benefits. How your brands can answer the need of your target market.

Just like creating a buyer persona, you need also to be specific about the key qualities of your brand.

When you have outlined this, you need to make sure that the are present on your products or service features.

Crafting a Unique Logo and tagline

After you have identified your uniqueness. It’s time to deliver it through creating your own tagline and logo.

Let your tagline and logo reflect your brand’s identity. You must consider relevance and consistency within your brand.

Share the Voice of Your Brand Using Various Platforms

As identified above, there are lots of ways on how you can build a brand. Yet after defining who you are and creating your own identity, it’s time to share your brand voice. Your uniqueness can be heard if you will share it.

It is not enough if you will just stop in creating your logo or tagline, you must have your own voice using various channels: i.e. in social media, through User Experience and search optimization, content marketing, pay per click, email marketing, and outreach.

How to Build a Brand that Will Last Longer?

Define your own brand identity. Establish who you really are. Be always happy in sharing your key features. Just continue to be great and you will stay longer in your industry.

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