20 SEO Tools in Online Business Growth This 2019

20 SEO Tools in Online Business Growth This 2019
20 SEO Tools in Online Business Growth This 2019

Like other businesses, you’re after growing your sales in online business, right? Of course, you are! Why wouldn’t you be? And for your business to grow and prosper, you’re going to need these SEO tools.

Fortunately for you, this is can be a post chock full of tools for SEO for anybody who’s in need of constant online business growth. You see, the next changes to SEO can constantly come like the drop from a hat, and it’s your job to stay on your toes and add some more SEO tools into your toolbox and your arsenal.

Best SEO Tools for Your Business

Your online success won’t be possible without the use of a few choice SEO tools that could aid you along the way. Without, it would be difficult to predict which SEO strategies are the most successful and which ones would increase your website’s ranking in Google’s search results. In addition, it’s difficult to know which weaknesses are standing in the way of your excellent search engine ranking.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that SEO tools are a vital instrument for site owners because this is what makes your website better.

Important SEO tool features that you need to keep track of include:

  • Monitoring keywords: Lets the webmaster see how the website is ranking for relevant keywords on a daily basis and to keep an overview of the ranking development over time.
  • Doing your keyword research: Helps with identifying and prioritizing relevant search phrases.
  • Live rank checker: Lets you request for live web data, so you can track how successful your campaigns are in regard to the number of visitors.
  • Analyzing performance: Gives you an accurate analysis of all important web metrics, like loading speed, traffic volume, etc.
  • Internal link analysis: Does a double check of all of your internal links, and provides data on the current link structure.
  • Backlink profile analysis: Gives a rundown of all current links in your website and how high their quality is.
  • Site structure analysis: Analyzes your current site structure, and assists you in creating a site map.

#1 Yoast WordPress SEO

With over astounding five-star reviews on the main WordPress site,  Yoast plugin, known to be the popular plug-in for WordPress site because of its SEO value. Nearly every digital marketing person you know is familiar with its plugin over the course of their digital career.

You are free to take the optimization for your onsite which can include tags, categories, headings, and the social media, meta-robots, etc into your own hands.

The best part is that this plugin absolutely for free use and free installation. You can get more goodies by availing of their premium version. It has, of course, a lot of features. The biggest benefit of which is being able to optimize using with at most 5 number of keywords.

One site license for the premium version of the plugin costs $89.

#2 Ultimate Nofollow

On the other hand, aside from Yoast, everybody’s another favorite SEO tool is known as Ultimate Nofollow plugin. It’s for free, and in addition, aids you in saving you much more time if you’re on a nofollow link spree. It’s a fairly simple plug to use. Whenever you’re looking to add external link in a blog or a page, you have the option to select the box that makes every external link nofollow.

#3 SEOPressor Connect

And if you’re after a search engine optimization plugin that you can use for more serious blog work and marketing, SEOPressor Connect can be your best bud. It gives you a nice view of your site and provides a clearer picture of some page-specific and full-coverage website SEO.

This SEO tool comes with an arsenal of incredibly useful features that include tools for website auditing, an SEO health checker, a tool that checks for broken links, a way to optimize your homepage, and more. It also features options that allow you to do local SEO for even better coverage.

Now, for a tool like this, of course, you’re wondering how much it’s going to cut out of your business budget.

Well, you’re not wrong. SEOPressor Connect is a subscription-based plugin and will shave off on your monthly costs at $9. out of your budget. But when you have sufficient finances, it’s worth the investment.

#4 Broken Link Checker

Based off of the name alone, I’m sure you can guess what Broken Link Checker actually does. Well, it’s a plugin that’s free to use and is pretty good at locating broken links that are lurking around in your personal website and fix them accordingly. And as you know, broken links are a detriment to your website’s health for two reasons.

  • It works to cultivate an ugly user experience. For sure, any broken link is not good for your site.
  • Hurts your SEO.

Broken Links Checker is a useful plugin for scanning your site for links that are broken, along with images that are amiss, and then you can tweak them as necessary.

#5 Google’s Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner tool  found in Google Adwords can be very helpful for discovering brand new and never-before-considered keywords to use for your products or services. You can also use it to investigate the competition, by looking at the average search volume. You need to find  also the latest trends in your niche.

However, this SEO tool is mainly utilized to find keywords with high competition value to be use in your Ad campaigns. Still, there’s no stopping you from using this keyword tool to dig for your potential keyword background in using for your potential blog topic ideas.

Access this keyword planner through your Adwords account.

#6 Analytics developed by MonsterInsights

I’ve only begun using this plugin a couple of weeks ago, and since then, it has managed to nail itself a spot within my must-have SEO tools list for growing your business. Honestly speaking, I think this is one plugin every website hosted on WordPress must have.

First off, let me ask a question. Have you tried including tracking scripts manually from Google Analytics into your website on WordPress?

It isn’t a simple task, right? With a plugin like MonsterInsights, you actually have greater control.

You should know, however, that MonsterInsights is quite similar to Yoast SEO in terms of use. It’s free for installation and free for use, and you can avail of the basic functions that way. But for those of you who long for better command over all sorts of data tracking, outlining, and even more advanced features — like AMP, then you have a couple of plans that you can consider. They all start at $39.

#7 Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemap plugin is a must for bloggers, marketers, and e-commerce retailers. Sitemaps on your WordPress site aid search engines like Google in acquiring a better understanding of how the website is structured and how content is can be crawled throughout the posts and pages.

Yes, both Yoast plugin and the SEOPressor plugin have XML Sitemap options that are built-in. But you can’t deny the need for a dedicated XML sitemap plugin either. With it, you can have better control and management of your sitemaps.

#8 SEMrush

Right up there on our list of omnipotent tools is SEMrush. In my own opinion, it’s the treasure trove that contains opportunities for better ways to analyze data; a great resource for research reports. Again, it’s also highly ideal for people who own and manage online sites.

When you own a SEMrush account, and it’s active, the software can give you the actions that are necessary to find and do some research on the most advantageous list of competitive keywords. Plus, you also acquire access to a couple of important tools for SEO that is necessary in order to enhance your site’s SEO, do some content auditing, backlink monitoring, and a whole lot more.

SEMrush plans start at a monthly price of $99.

#9 Unamo

Originally known as Positionly, we have Unamo SEO. It offers a variety of important SEO tools that affordable and reasonable prices. The software services actually include SEO, tracking social media campaigns, and optimizing the site for conversions.

The arsenal of tools is great for small online businesses, especially if you’re after keeping track of real-time data, backlinks and rankings. Some of its other unique elements include local SEO, tools for a full SEO auditing, and the ability to merge the personal account with your account in Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

Cheapest pricing for this tool will actually cost you $19 monthly.

#10 Ninja Outreach

If you’re down with getting ready to do some influencer marketing, then here’s an SEO tool for you. Want a helper that will help you get through? You can count on Ninja Outreach. Perhaps you’ve seen other marketers mention the outreach tool. It’s available for both any kind of business owner today.

Your account for Ninja Outreach can do wonders for your quest to research influencers, stand-out marketers, and sites that are highly authoritative. You can also use it for sending outreach emails that would be useful for building your website’s link profile and your campaign efforts.

You can choose from four types of plans with Ninja Outreach. The prices begin at $69 to $599 on a monthly basis.

#11 Screaming Frog SEO Spider

You can download the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to crawl all of the pages on your website or blog. Availing of the free version will let you use the tool and crawl up to a maximum of 500 URLs.

With this SEO tool, you can find a range of features that would be incredibly useful. SEO Spider generates reports for you, and some beneficial actions that you can apply using the same tool include finding broken links, conducting full website redirect audits, analyzing page titles and meta descriptions, uncovering duplicate content on the site, and generating XML sitemaps.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider can actually be downloaded for free. You can avail of more extensive uses out of it by paying £149 per year for the unlimited crawls and unlock the free full-coverage technical support.

#12 Woo Rank

Want numbers representing your website’s actual performance? A tool that gives you that — Woo Rank. It includes full-fledged reviews; plus a breakdown of how the SEO is doing on your website. It tops it off by presenting you with an overall score.

Another great tool is Woo Rank lets you gain insight on your website is faring in regard to social media reach. This is also very beneficial when you look at it from a business perspective. Woo Rank actually offers three plans consisting of a basic plan to one that is suitable for enterprises.

#13 Penguin Tool

When you authenticate your Google account, Penguin Tool designed by Barracuda is yours to use for free. This handly little SEO tool can give you an even deeper history into how Google’s algorithm changes, and how it affected your site’s incoming flow of traffic from search engines.

Have you recently received reprimanding notes from Google and you’re suffering under some penalties? Penguin tool can give you insight on what actually happened.

#14 Google Trends

Finding the hottest trends that are currently making waves in your niche or industry is integral to how you plan out your marketing strategies. And in endeavors like this, Google Trends can give you a helping hand. Whether you’re after finding new topics to write about or creating content for the sake of driving traffic to your blog, Google Trends can be one of the most useful tools you can have.

The best part is that it’s perfectly free to use too.

#15 Webmaster Consolee

If there’s one online tool that is a must of each site’s owner, it’s the complete set of tools that you can find in Google’s Webmaster Console. This online service can provide your in-house web development team with crucial information concerning your site’s health, accessibility, navigability, visibility in search engines, and a whole lot more.

The console is the best avenue when you’re in need of finding broken links or fix and modify 404 error pages. To operate it fully though you need to connect your website with the console account.

#16 Google Mobile-friendly Test

A website that’s responsive to mobile is a website that appeals to the user’s experience and has greater chances of visibility in search engines. The Google Mobile-Friendly test tool can be used for free and is great if you’ve been wanting to check and ensure that your website’s pages are mobile friendly in the eyes of search engines like Google.

#17 GTMetrix

GTMetrix can provide comprehensive information about how your website is performing and how fast or slow it’s loading. But aside from that, GTMetrix also gives actionable recommendations and suggestions on what you can do to drastically improve how your website performs.

And for a fact, this is free to use and be able to access all of its features. When you wanted its premium features you can opt for its pro level.

#18 SpyFu

As an SEO tool, SpyFu can be used to do some in-depth analysis and thorough research on the selected keywords, and your competitors’ keywords too. This is perfect for doing your competitor espionage and improving your own keyword list, SpyFu also lets you keep track of the links that exist inbound,  your rankings history, your competitors in terms of organic search, etc.

#19 UberSuggest

Don’t have any new ideas for keywords for your succeeding digital marketing campaigns or content creations? Perhaps you’re also quickly running out of semantical keyword phrases to use, and you’re in need of suggestions. Well, UberSuggest tool just might be the keyword research tool you need.

UberSuggest is a free SEO online service. What you have to do is type in a bunch of keyword ideas in the designated search that’s provided. And then click on the ‘suggest’ button. It will generate a list of keyword ideas for you, and from there, take the extra step with the research by reinforcing the use of this tool with other tools.

#20 Long Tail Pro for Desktop

It’s really great looking for long phrases or keywords, in order to create new blog content.

Long Tail Pro lets you solve the profitability of your keywords,competition, and a lot more. You can choose from its three plans starting at $37 monthly.

In Conclusion

So whether you’re monitoring your competitors’ or your own progress, or surfing the analytical boards in search of data you can make use of for content creation, or finding new tools to find the best long-tail and generic keywords to use, or if you’re after doing a quick and easy audit of your entire website, highly likely that are several SEO tools available in the web who would be glad to help.

All you have to do is look, and take advice from the experts to determine the best kind of tools to use in your next SEO excursion throughout the world wide web.

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